Exercise reports

TLP 2005-2

By Frits Jongerman | March 2005
Tactical Leadership Program exercise.

Normally lots of F-16's and Tornado's can be seen on a TLP edition, but this edition the majority were F-4 Phantoms; 6 German F-4F ICE and 4 F-4E's from 338 Mira 'Aris'/117 PM. Three of them were modified (AUP -> Advanced Update Program).The Greek Phantoms, all painted in ghost camouflage; 3 tones gray. Very nice.

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Because the spotters day was fully booked we had to stay outside. The weather promised to be good and so we decided to go on Wednesday March 23rd. Because of birds there was no flying activity in the morning. The wind was variabel and we hoped they would use runway 26 but ... it became runway 06 so take-off and landing photo's could be made, no taxi shots. Some aircraft were to high during take off but the F-4E crews knew how we like it; very LOW. Also the two 22 FS 'Stinger' F-16CJ's knew how to please us. Great shots!

It was very busy and I can't remember seen so many people at Florennes. Colleges from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, ...

01525, F-4

01520, F-4

01524, F-4

01520, F-4

01525, F-4

90-0773/AV, F-16

MM7251/5, F-16

MM7244/5, F-16

4-BS/374, Mirage 2000

4-BS/374, Mirage 2000


Sqn Type Serial
338 Mira/117PMF-4E01520
338 Mira/117PMF-4E AUP01524, 01525 and 01529
462 Esc./Ala 46F/A-18AC.15-79/46-07, C.15-81/46-09* and C.15-96/46-24
EC 02.004Mirage 2000N359/4-BG and 374/4-BS
EC 03.004Mirage 2000N338/4-CG and 362/4-CU
EH 00.067AS.555AN5458/VV
103 Gr/51 StormoAMXMM7173/73 and MM7186/86
23 Gr/5 StormoF-16A ADFMM7244/5 and MM7251/5
JG-71F-4F38+29, 38+44 and 38+75**
JG-74F-4F38+10, 38+48 and 38+53
Royal Air Force:
9 SqnTornado Gr.4ZA585/AH*** and ZD847/AA
12 SqnTornado Gr.4ZA406/FU
617 SqnTornado Gr.4ZA556/AJ-C
United States Air Force in Europe:
22 FS/52 FWF-16CJ90-0813/SP and 91-0342/SP
510 FS/31 FWF-16CG88-0491/AV
555 FS/31 FWF-16CG90-0779/AV

* stayed on ramp
** ground abort
*** anniversary mks

It was a great day. Most aircraft left Friday March 25th and the Germans left after the TLP mission at Thursday March 24th. Support arrived Thursday and Friday.

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