Exercise Reports

Frisian Flag 2005

event September 2005 | location Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Every year Leeuwarden AB in the Northern part of the Netherlands is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year with guests from the Germany, Sweden, UK (Jaguars) and Finland (F-18C).

TLP 2005-4

event June 2005 | location Florennes, Belgium

On Wednesday June 23th we were invited to visit the TLP at Florennes AB. Participants of this edition included Greek and Italian Vipers, French Super Etendards and Mirage 2000. RAF Jaguars, F3s and an Harrier. Also present Danish F-16 and a Spanish Falcon 20 ECM jammer.

COMAO Kleine Brogel 2005

event 20 July 2005 | location Kleine Brogel, Belgium

Like last year, the last day of the Combined Air Operations Exercise (COMAO) was combined with a spottersday. On the 20th of July, the Belgian Airbase of Kleine Brogel opened it's doors for the public. Thousands of them were present to see an impressive line-up, including more then 35 fighters, trainers, transport aircraft and helicopters.

TLP 2005-3

event 12 May 2005 | location Florennes, Belgium

On Thursday 12th of May, Aviamagazine visited the last mission day of the third Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) exercise this year. Participants includes Spanish Harriers, F1's and Hornets. English Tornado Gr4's and F1's and Hawks. Turkish and Portuguese vipers also attended.

TLP 2005-2

event 23 March 2005 | location Florennes, Belgium

Normally lots of F-16's and Tornado's can be seen on a TLP edition, but this edition the majority were F-4 Phantoms; 6 German F-4F ICE and 4 F-4E's from 338 Mira.

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