Exercise reports

TLP 2004-5

By Frits Jongerman | November 2004
Tactical Leadership Program exercise.

This year six TLP courses were scheduled. TLP 2004-05 is the last one at the Belgian airbase Florennes and exercise six will be at Nimes, France (This is called the out of the area course).

Because it was the first time that French (Navy) Rafale's participated, this would be a special TLP and a great excuse to visit Florennes AB again. This course there were many non-flying days and the weather wasn't that great, we choose to visit the base during departure day on 5 November 2004. On this day it was most likely to see all the TLP participants and support aircraft.

The first participants, two French Navy Rafale M's left at 8:30 local time, followed by two German F-4F's. Two Spanish Air Force EF-18A's waited for 45 minutes and had to return to the ramp because their slot time to use French airspace had passed. The last participants that left were the third Rafale M (6) and two F-16CJ's from the 23 FS 'Fighting Hawks'. Fortunately most of the aircraft were spotted with sunshine. Between 13:00 and 14:00 the support aircraft also left. Especially the desert painted Spanish C-130H was very nice. Also some local F-16's from 2nd Wing flew. Many BAF F-16's are at RAF Waddington at the moment.

5, Rafale M

37+26, F-4

E-604, F-16

6, Rafale

96-0081/SP, F-16

C1.15-66/12-24, EF-18

FA-128, F-16

FA-128, F-16

MM7082/6-14, Tornado

MM7165/51-45, AMX

ZA462/AJ-P, Tornado

129, Falcon 10

13, Super Etendard

2, Rafale

117/12-KQ, Mirage 2000

MM7171/51-22, AMX

R210/64-GA, C-160

T1.10-08/31-05, C-130


Participants (seen today during departure)

Sqn Type Serials
Esk.726*F-16AME-604 and E-608
Esk.727*F-16AME-184 and E-193
12 F/NavyRafale M2, 5 and 6
17 F/NavySuper Etendard13 and 51
EC 02.012Mirage 2000C86/12-KA and 117/12-KQ
JG-71F-4F37+26 and 38+44
6 St/154 GrTornado IDSMM7039/6-02 and MM7082/6-14
51 St/103 GrAMXMM7171/51-22
132 GrAMXMM7165/51-45
Royal Air Force:
617 SqnTornado Gr.4ZA462/AJ-P** and ZA556/AJ-C
Ala 12EF-18AC.15-48/12-06 and C.15-66/12-24
USAF Europe:
23 FS/52 FWF-16CJ91-0410/SP and 96-0081/SP

* no badges carried
** special markings '1943-2003'

Also the home unit: 2nd Wing and JBG-33 German Air Force with Tornado IDS's participated. The last were not seen and left probably on Thursday. During this TLP additional F-16's from Belgium and The Netherlands participated. They flew their mission(s) from their home bases.

Sqn Type Serials
Support aircraft:
2 Gr/46 Ba/AMIC-130JMM62176/46-41
2 Gr/46 Ba/AMIC-130JMM62179/46-44
Ala 31/SpanishAFC-130HT.10-08/31-05
ET 01.064/FAF8C-160RR201/64-GA
57 S/French NavyFalcon 10MER129
1 WingAlpha JetAT08
1 WingCM-170MT04
Air CadetsPiper S.CubLB05 and LB06

The two Piper Cubs left with two gliders (PL30 and PL53).

Also seen F-16AM: FA-91, FA-107, FA-126, FA-128, FA-131, FA-135. F-16BM: FB-09 and FB-20 dep to Waddington.

The first participants for TLP 2005-01 and 2005-02 are known and very interesting. Especially TLP 2005-02 with Greek F-4E's and German F-4F's is a must see.

For more information on the TLP, take a look at the Florennes Aviation Society website www.florennes-as.be

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