Exercise reports

TLP 2004-5

By Frits Jongerman | November 2004
Tactical Leadership Program exercise.

This year six TLP courses were scheduled. TLP 2004-05 is the last one at the Belgian airbase Florennes and exercise six will be at Nimes, France (This is called the out of the area course).

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Because it was the first time that French (Navy) Rafale's participated, this would be a special TLP and a great excuse to visit Florennes AB again. This course there were many non-flying days and the weather wasn't that great, we choose to visit the base during departure day on 5 November 2004. On this day it was most likely to see all the TLP participants and support aircraft.

The first participants, two French Navy Rafale M's left at 8:30 local time, followed by two German F-4F's. Two Spanish Air Force EF-18A's waited for 45 minutes and had to return to the ramp because their slot time to use French airspace had passed. The last participants that left were the third Rafale M (6) and two F-16CJ's from the 23 FS 'Fighting Hawks'. Fortunately most of the aircraft were spotted with sunshine. Between 13:00 and 14:00 the support aircraft also left. Especially the desert painted Spanish C-130H was very nice. Also some local F-16's from 2nd Wing flew. Many BAF F-16's are at RAF Waddington at the moment.

5, Rafale M

37+26, F-4

E-604, F-16

6, Rafale

96-0081/SP, F-16

C1.15-66/12-24, EF-18

FA-128, F-16

FA-128, F-16

MM7082/6-14, Tornado

MM7165/51-45, AMX

ZA462/AJ-P, Tornado

129, Falcon 10

13, Super Etendard

2, Rafale

117/12-KQ, Mirage 2000

MM7171/51-22, AMX

R210/64-GA, C-160

T1.10-08/31-05, C-130


Participants (seen today during departure)

Sqn Type Serials
Esk.726*F-16AME-604 and E-608
Esk.727*F-16AME-184 and E-193
12 F/NavyRafale M2, 5 and 6
17 F/NavySuper Etendard13 and 51
EC 02.012Mirage 2000C86/12-KA and 117/12-KQ
JG-71F-4F37+26 and 38+44
6 St/154 GrTornado IDSMM7039/6-02 and MM7082/6-14
51 St/103 GrAMXMM7171/51-22
132 GrAMXMM7165/51-45
Royal Air Force:
617 SqnTornado Gr.4ZA462/AJ-P** and ZA556/AJ-C
Ala 12EF-18AC.15-48/12-06 and C.15-66/12-24
USAF Europe:
23 FS/52 FWF-16CJ91-0410/SP and 96-0081/SP

* no badges carried
** special markings '1943-2003'

Also the home unit: 2nd Wing and JBG-33 German Air Force with Tornado IDS's participated. The last were not seen and left probably on Thursday. During this TLP additional F-16's from Belgium and The Netherlands participated. They flew their mission(s) from their home bases.

Sqn Type Serials
Support aircraft:
2 Gr/46 Ba/AMIC-130JMM62176/46-41
2 Gr/46 Ba/AMIC-130JMM62179/46-44
Ala 31/SpanishAFC-130HT.10-08/31-05
ET 01.064/FAF8C-160RR201/64-GA
57 S/French NavyFalcon 10MER129
1 WingAlpha JetAT08
1 WingCM-170MT04
Air CadetsPiper S.CubLB05 and LB06

The two Piper Cubs left with two gliders (PL30 and PL53).

Also seen F-16AM: FA-91, FA-107, FA-126, FA-128, FA-131, FA-135. F-16BM: FB-09 and FB-20 dep to Waddington.

The first participants for TLP 2005-01 and 2005-02 are known and very interesting. Especially TLP 2005-02 with Greek F-4E's and German F-4F's is a must see.

For more information on the TLP, take a look at the Florennes Aviation Society website open-in-new www.florennes-as.be

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