Exercise reports
AG51 "Immelmann"

This year the Nato Tiger Meet celebrates her 40th Tiger Meet. Host is Recce Wing 51 "Immelmann" at Schleswig-Jagel Air Base in the northern part of Germany (near the German/Danish border). This is the 51st Recce Wing's first ever Tiger Meet, and the first NTM in 20 years to be held in northern Germany.

By Frits Jongerman

The Tactical Reconnaisance Wing 51 "Immelmann" Tiger heritage was transferred from TRW 52 which was formed on 12 December 1959 at Erding AB. The first tactical aircraft assigned to the Wing was the Republic RF-84F Thunderflash. In 1960 the Wing was transferred to Eggebeck and remained there until October 1st 1964. On August 1st 1963 the Wing was assigned to NATO after successfully competing in exercise "Royal Flush". In the same year the Tiger Association membership was achieved. Shortly after October 1st the Wing was transferred to Leck AB and the RF-84F was replaced by the RF-104G Starfighter.

In 1971 the RF-104G's were replaced by the Mc Donnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II. The decision was made to phase out the RF-4E (in 1991), closing down the two existing recognisance wings at Leck AB (TRW 52) and Bremgarten AB (TRW 51) and establishing a Tornado Wing in Schleswig Jagel AB. In April 1993 the Wing took over the "Immelmann" tradition of TRW 51. Following the closing of the Navy Wing 1 (MFG-1) on December 31st 1993, TRW51 was fully established in Schleswig-Jagel. TRW 51 was the official Tiger Squadron which carried the traditional Panther badge and ultimately passed this identity across to the TRW 51. In 1994 it became a NATO Tiger Squadron.

AG 51 has two squadrons; 511 and 512 'Tigers' The patch of 511 Sqn is a sea eagle; 512 Sqn had a black panther in his patch. AG 51 is currently equipped with the MRCA Tornado. This unit is subject to big changes since the Wing is taking over the tasks of Naval Wing 2, located at Eggebek, just 30 km north of Jagel Airbase. This reorganisation of forces means a lot of training for the personnel of Recce Wing 51. Besides recognisance, AG 51 will also fly missions with anti-shipping missiles. Taking in account these reorganisations, it´s a great challenge for AG51 to organise such a big event.

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