Military news
  • 11 nov 2020 14:18

    Due to COVID, the Frisian Flag exercise and Dutch Air Force Days 2021 are cancelled. For previous events have a look at and

  • Nuclear Rocket@atomrocket- 2 nov 2020 17:10

    Possible RQ-180 spotted flying over California City (adjacent to Edwards AFB.) @usairforce

  • Robert Hopkins@CobraBall3- 2 nov 2020 19:58

    CONSTANT PHOENIX WC-135C 62-3582 had its final landing at KOFF today as COBRA 14. Retirement ceremony on 13 Nov before departing to AMARG. This jet and WC-135W 61-2667 will be replaced by three WC-135Rs following their modification. @SteveLiewer

  • J.J.@kadonkey- 28 okt 2020 01:51

    DEAD MAN FLYING. Heavy Metal. B-52H, 61-0007, "Ghost Rider". 61-0007 is the first B-52H to ever be regenerated from long-term storage with the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan AFB. (Kelly White / Greg L. Davis)

  • Defense News@defense_news- 26 okt 2020 18:12

    Pakistani Navy confirms Brazilian jetliner will replace Orion patrol aircraft

Civil news
  • Aeronews@AeronewsGlobal- 18 nov 2020 13:27

    The FAA rescinded the order that halted commercial flight of @Boeing 737-8s & 737-9s. The move will allow airlines that are under the FAA's jurisdiction to take the steps necessary to resume service; Boeing to begin making deliveries.

  • Airways Magazine@airwaysmagazine- 31 okt 2020 16:53

    BREAKING: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), the largest aerospeace manufacturer in Japan, has announced that it will freeze the development of the SpaceJet regional aircraft.

  • AeroTime News@AviationNews- 28 okt 2020 12:22

    The last Tu-154 performed its final regular civilian flight today, marking the end of a 48-year-long career for the -era airliner in .

  • Airways Magazine@airwaysmagazine- 28 okt 2020 13:04

    Kalitta Air (K4) has signed a leasing agreement with GECAS to be the launch customer of the Boeing 777-300ERSF, taking three of the type.

  • Airways Magazine@airwaysmagazine- 26 okt 2020 20:29

    Alliance Airlines (QQ) first Embraer E190 has rolled out of the paint shop in Costa Rica, ready for its long journey to Australia.

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