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  • Max Kingsley-Jones@MaxK_J- 11 feb 2021 16:32

    Sad excuse to tweet this superb image, but it marks the end of an era: Bombardier to cease Learjet production at year-end (by @jmhdinger)

  • RedLine Event Travel@Red_Line_Travel- 11 feb 2021 09:58

    Canarian Airways, First Canarian airline presented (German article)

  • EASA@EASA- 27 jan 2021 11:14

    completes independent review of Boeing 737 MAX, declares modified aircraft safe to return to service.

  • Aviation Maintenance@AvMainMag- 21 jan 2021 17:13

    Conair Group Inc., operating the largest, privately-owned fixed wing fleet of firefighting aircraft in the world, announced the purchase of eleven Dash 8 Q400 aircraft for conversion to airtankers, engineered specifically for aerial firefighting.

  • Jordan_Spotter@JordanSpotter- 10 jan 2021 15:29

    Just nice: Airbus A321-251NX TAP Air Portugal CS-TJR 10/01/2021

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