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Meeting Aerien Casaux

Gostar den Daas | June 2005
French Air Force open days

Sunday 12 June, the French Meeting aerien was held at Cazaux airbase, located 70 km south of Bordeaux in the South of France. What makes this place special is the 150sq from the Singapore Air Force, which is based at Cazaux with sixteen A-4 and TA-4 Skyhawks. Besides the Singapore AF, the Belgium Air Force also uses Cazaux as a training base. And last but not leased the French test squadron CEV is also based here.

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Most French Air Force (FAF) types were present during this openday. Unfortunately the KC-135 wasn´t present and only one Rafale was on static and none flying. FAF Highlights included three Mirage 4, a flying Mirage 3 from CEV (thank god it wasn´t scraped in April like some sources said). Civil highlights includes both Securite Civile Canadair and Tracker making live water drops during their display run. Besides the Singapore A-4 and TA-4 the most special foreign visitor was a CN-235 from the Morocco Air Force.

2549 / 330-SB, EC725

113 / 12-YO, Mirage 2000

F-AZTE, C-47

77 / 330-AX, Mirage 2000

227 / 330-AP, Mirage F1

1321 AH, SA330

1691 / JCF, AS350

487 / 312-UF, EMB-312

CNA-MA / MA, CN-235

1536 / BCM, SA341

927, A-4

950, TA-4

23 / AV, Mirage 4

61 / CH, Mirage 4

504, Mirage 2000

1240 / AT, SA330


E13 / 8-MM, Alpha Jet

F-AZHR, T-28

R15 / 61-MJ, C-160

35 5-NL, Mirage 2000

908, TA-4

907, TA-4

F-ZBFY, CL-415

F-ZBFY, CL-415

62 / CI, Mirage 4

62 / CI, Mirage 4

560, Mirage 3

7-HB, Jaguar




-, MB-339

-, MB-339

J-055, F-16

J-055, F-16

E110 / 8-NG, Alpha Jet

E48 / 8-MH, Alpha Jet

-, MB-339

-, MB-339

Photo opportunities during the airshow weren’t optimal, photographing straight into the sun. Nevertheless a great show worthwhile the long trip.

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