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Niederrhein Flugtage

Frits Jongerman / Rene Wilthof | May 2005
Niederrhein open house

May 21 and 22, the annual Flugtage (open house) was held at Dusseldorf-Regional (Weeze) Airport, former Royal Air Force Base Laarbruch, Germany. This would be my first visit to this airfield in ten years time, curious to see how much was changed the last couple of years.

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After arriving at the airport around half past ten, we headed for our main goal: the two preserved F-104G`s; the KG 101 and the former BAF 10 Wing FX-52 (with the tail of the FX-02 with 10 Wing badge). Both one o fours have their own story. The KG 101 was the first F-104G built by Fokker (Netherlands) and it has only flew around 73 hours! The KG 101 is the former DA+235 (JBG-31), BF+245 (Kaufbeuren) and 23+27 (also Kaufbeuren). This F-104G looks very nice and compliments to the owners, Ton vd Zeeuw and Roger Seroo. The wings are from the 21+48 and KG-116 (crashed in 1966) and the ejection seat came from the German Navy F-104G 22+82.

The FX-52 arrived this year and this F-104 is a former tiger aircraft from the famous 31 Smaldeel (Squadron) based at Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium. This F-104G will be repainted in his tiger colours. At the end of this year the restoration should be completed. I can`t wait to see this.

At the shelterarea we photographed a Dutch 131 EMVO Squadron PC-7, JBG-31 Tornado IDS (in new grey colours like the ECR versions). Some static aircraft were parked just before a HAS and we were allowed to photograph them from the hill, very nice! A line with helicopters: UH-1D from LTG-61, Bo-105P in tiger camo (very nice painting), Lynx Mk.88A MFG-3, P-149D (former German Air Force). Also a MFG-3 Atlantic and a LTG-61 C-160D Transall were on the static and we managed to photograph these without people around. The Royal Air Force was also present with one Hawk T.1A from 100 Sqn, Jaquar T.4 from 41 (F) Sqn, and Harrier Gr.7 from No. 3 Sqn. The German F-4F was not present but you can`t have everything.

The crews of the visiting aircraft were very kind to help us with removal of barriers etc. so we could take good pictures.

Besides modern stuff, also old planes were seen; DC-3 from the Dutch Dakota Association, 4 YAK-52`s, 2 Harvards, B-25 Mitchell from the `Duke of Brabant` and some civilian aircraft like the Boeing 737`s from Ryanair, An-2 and Bo-105.

No fighters were airborne during the airshow due to noise regulations. Niederrhein has a difficult time to stay open and lot´s of jet noise on this day wouldn`t help. In all, it was a very nice day and we like to thank the organisation and the crew of the visiting aircraft.

43+32, Tornado

61+11, Br.1150

61+11, Br.1150

70+51, UH-1

83+02, Super Lynx

86+55, Bo 105

86+55, Bo 105

D-HMUG, Bo-105

FX-52, F-104

G-BWTG, Chipmunk

KG 101, F-104

XX222 / CI, Hawk

XX838 / FZ, Jaguar

XX838 / FZ, Jaguar

XX838 / FZ, Jaguar

ZD466 / 56, Harrier

50+69, C-160

71+74, UH-1



PH-PSI, P-51


XX838 / FZ, Jaguar

ZD466 / 56, Harrier

43+32 Tornado IDS JBG 31 grey/grey c/s
86+55 Bo-105P1 VAS-300 tiger camo
70+51 UH-1D LTG-61 SAR markings
83+02 Lynx Mk.88A MFG-3  
61+11 BR-1150 MFG-3  
50+69 C-160D LTG-61  
L-12 PC-7 131 (EMVO) Sqn.  
XX222/CI Hawk T.1A 100 Sqn black c/s
XX838/FZ Jaguar T.4 41 Sqn grey c/s ;demo 2005 mks
ZD466/56 Harrier GR.7 3 Sqn grey c/s; yel/gn flash
WB671/910 Chipmunk T.10 ex.RAF G-BWTG
FX-52 F104G ex. BAF tail FX-02; 10 Wing badge
KG 101 F-104G ex. GAF alim c/s
G-EERP P-149D civilian ex.GAF 91+77
G-CBSS Yak-52 civilian black c/s
RA-1428K Yak-52 civilian red/white c/s
RA-3326K Yak-52 civilian camo; USSR markings
RA-3085K Yak-52 civilian red/yellow cs
D-FUKK Harvard civilian grey/blue c/s `USAF`titels
232511 B-25J   Duke of Brabant
D-HMUG Bo-105   Rhein Ruhr Helicopters
16544/FY AT-6A civilian ex.USAAF 41-16544; N13FY
D-EZOZ Extra 300L   World Aerobatic Promotion
PH-SOL C.525   Jet Netherlands
PH-DDZ DC-3 Martin`s Air Charter (owned by DDA)
N9912H Boeing N2S-3 Civilian BuNo 07609
D-EDUR SF-260 Civilian as Belgian Air Force `ST-26` c/s
D-FAIR An-2 Classic Wings  
EI-DCB B737 Ryanair  
EI-DCN B737 Ryanair  
EI-DCY B737 Ryanair  

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