Trip Report

London Heathrow 7 May 2005

Gostar den Daas | May 2005
Trip report

Traditionally day two of our trip brings us to the busiest airfield of England, London Heathrow. Because runway 27R was in use, we went to a spot next to the maintenance hanger on a small commercial area. An ideal spot, out of sight of passing traffic and right next to the aircraft on final.

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Three o clock sharp runways are changed at Heathrow, so we had to move to 27L. When this runway is in use walk towards Hatton Cross station and follow the Great Southwest Road (A30) to the southeast. A field next to the road near a residential area is a great spot for some low approach landing shots.

ZS-SAW, B747

G-BOAB, Concorde

S2-ADF, A310

RA-96007, Il-96

SP-LKE, B737


SX-DFB, A340

F-ORME, A321

G-ZAPN, BAe 146

VP-BWN, A321

A6-EYB, A330

G-BZHB, B767

G-CPEM, B757

TS-INJ, A320

EZ-A011, B757

OO-DLT, A300

G-VSHY, A340

AP-BFX, B747

C-FYLU, A340

6Y-JMM, A340

A7-HHJ, A319

A7-HHK, A340

A4O-KC, A330

YK-AHA, B747

VT-AIJ, B777

B-2387, A340

B-2380, A340

Nice visitors today were the Biman A310, the DC10’s are grounded, a Libian Arab A320, Air Canada’s new blue livery A340 and both Quatar VIP aircraft (A319 and A340 State of Qatar flight)

In all an nice trip with lots of new sightings.

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