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World Economic Forum 2009 Zurich

Leo Hoogerbrugge | January 2009
Zurich Klote, Swiss

Every year the World Economic Forum (WEF) is held at the Swiss town of Davos. The forum, formed in 1971, is attended by political leaders, CEO`s of the world biggest companies, selected intellectuals and journalists from all over the world. A total of 2000 persons gather for several days in Davos. The WEF has big influence on worldwide decision making and thus is a powerful advisory organization.

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Aviamagazine visited Zurich on 31 January, and 1 Februari at the end of the conference.

Older reports on previous WEF editions are still online, use the link on the left to view our reports of the 2007, 2006 and 2005 editions.

ZS-XRS, BD-700

N767DT, G-IV

D-AGSI, Falcon 900

HB-JST, Falcon 7

HB-IAU, Falcon 2000

HB-JSW, Falcon 900

N586D, G-IV

20-1101, B747

05-0932, C-40

N529PP, B737

N550KF, G-V

A36-001, B737

N958DM, Falcon 900

N209FJ, Falcon 900

N312P, Falcon 900

N628BD, G-V

N120AK, BD-700


HB-ZHD, EC-120

N676RW, G-V

N697A, G-V

N195WS, G-IV

N194WM, CL-600

N2BD, Falcon 900

N100A, BD-700

N528JR, BD-700

LY-FSK, Hawker 900

N44EG, Falcon 900

RP-C3340, A330


N889NC, B737

102004 / 024, Tp102

OH-FEX, Falcon 2000

M-LCJP, Hawker 900

TC-KON, Cessna 650

TC-KHA , Hawker 900

VP-CSP, BAe 125

HB-VWN, Learjet 60

OD-BOY, BAe 125

EC-KPB, Cessna 560

ZS-LRM, Rockwell 690

HB-VOZ, Learjet 60


N887WM, BD-700

VT-IAH, A319

VP-BIZ, B737

N437GA, G-IV

A6-PJE, EMB-135

VP-BSC, BD-700

XC-UJM / TP-01, B757

N155AN, G-V

G-WLVS, Falcon 2000

UP-B6701 , B767



F-HACP, Learjet 45

N273JC, Falcon 7


OE-IFG, BD-700

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