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Openhouse NAS De Kooij

Frits Jongerman | September 2007

Naval Air Station De Kooij, in the northern part of Holland, is home base of the Dutch Navy SH-14D Lynx helicopter. This helicopter will be replaced by the NH-90 helicopter in the very near future. There have been some delays so we will see the Lynx helicopters for some years.

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After the sell of the P-3C’s to the German Navy last year, the Royal Netherlands Navy has only the Lynx helicopter in this fleet. In the near future, the Navy helicopters will be integrated in the Royal Netherlands Air Force. So, probably this will be the last open house of the Marine Luchtvaart Dienst (MLD) (Navy Air Service).

Some invited countries cancelled their participation. Royal Navy Lynx, Danish Lynx, German Army Bo-105 , German Army NH-90 and also old navy aircraft (RNHF Sea Hawk, Sea Fury). But, let’s look at the aircraft that were present!

Highlight were the Polish Navy SH-2F 163455 from 28 eLMW and the new NH-90 with Dutch Navy markings and serial number (N-088). This bird has also the Italian serial; CSX81697.


Most of the aircraft were very good to photograph. They were parked at the navy ramp or in the grass like the Polish SH-2F, AS532U2 Cougar, AB412SP.

Aircraft were operating from the Navy ramp so very good to photograph and to see for the public. Great job from the organisation!


Hunter T.8C from Soesterberg AB (normally based at Leeuwarden but Leeuwarden was closed). Of course some arrivals and departures of the based helicopters from Bristol, Norsk helicopters, CHC Helicopters bring people to or from the oil platforms in the North Sea.

42-98248 / 6C-C, L-5

PH-ENJ, L-21

57+01, Do-228

PH-ACG, S-11

0210, MiG-21

220 / K, AB204

265 / 65, SH-14

267 / 67, SH-14

273 / 73, SH-14

-, -

163544, SH-2


N-088, NH90

N-088, NH90

N-088, NH90

N-088, NH90

L-06, PC-7

G-BWGL, Hunter

XX488 / CU-562 , Jetstream

The numbers

‘Traditiekamer’ (museum)
118/D Sea Hawk FGA.6 VSQ-860 ex. RN WV828; inside museum
184/H (C)S-2A VSQ-1 ex RCAF 1506; parked outside
235/K Wasp HAS.1 VSQ-860 ex. RN XT795; inside museum
Preserved on base
216/V SP-2H VSQ-320 USN 144692; ex. NAS Valkenburg
220/K AB-204B VSQ-7 near gate
R-01 AB-412SP 303 Sqn arrival
S-445 AS532U2 300 Sqn departure
163544 SH-2F 28 eLMW/Polish Navy  
M-1 Alouette-3 40 Sm  
265/65 SH-14D MARHELI plus demo
267/67 SH-14D MARHELI used for demo’s near hangaars
273/73 SH-14D MARHELI plus demo
283/83 SH-14D MARHELI near NH90
N-088 NH-90 MARHELI also CSX81697 testserial
L-06 PC-7 131 EMVO Sqn  
XX488 Jetstream T.2 750 Sqn/RN ‘1917-2007’ CU-562
57+01 Do-228-212 MFG-3/2 Staffel Polution Control
197/K Fokker S-11 Koninklijke Marine ex.KLu E-37
E14/PH-AFS Fokker S-11 Fokker Four ex Klu E-14
E29/PH-HOK Fokker S-11 Fokker Four ex Klu E-29
E38/PH-SLO Fokker S-11 Fokker Four ex Klu E-38
PH-RLA/A Saab 91D Safir St. Levende oude Luchtvaart RLS markings
G-29 Beech D18S 334 Sqn ex.RCAF 2375 PH-KHV
“R-170” L-21B Piper Cub GPLV c/s ex.ALAT 182540/52-62222 PH-ENJ
B-71 AT-16ND KLu Hist.Flight 43-13145/PH-MLM
298248/6C-C L-5 14 Liaison Sqn/9thAF 42-98248
314887 UC-61A USAAF mrk 43-14887 USAAF ex RAF HB614
OL-L45 L-18C Belgian Army 54-4819; D-EHCB ex FAB
D-FONL An-2 Classic Wings as DM-SKL Lufthansa; also flying
ES-TLE L-39ZO Skyline Aviation grey c/s;also demo; ex.GAF 28+17 ex NVA / 158
PH-PBA C-47A DDA Air France & KLM color scheme ex 43-15288
261/30-OA MH-1521M F-GIBN static only mrk of EC 30, SLVSV
HA-ANI An-2P Stichting Antonov New Zealand Aeronautics mks ex Hungarian AF HA-ANI
PH-PBY Catalina PBY-5A St. Catalina as MLD ’16-218’/ BuNo 48383
ES-YLX L-39C Breitling Team Team Apache
ES-YLF L-39C Breitling Team ,,
ES-YLP L-39C Breilting Team ,,
ES-YLS L-39C Breitling Team ,,
ES-TLC L-39C Breitling Team ,,
ES-YLR L-39C Breitling Team ,,
RA1771K YAK-52 private red colors ex DOSAAF 92
RA3411K/52 YAK-52 private 877803 in tail; camo ex DOSAAF 75,exUkraine AF 75.
N520WA PC-7 private  
PH-WDY Pitts S1S private  
(51)(N751PJ) MS-760B no markings white; ex FAF 51/13-TA
0210 MiG-21MF-13 nb/CzechAF from ‘t Zand Truckservice
PH-SHK AW-139 North Sea helicopters  
PH-SHO EC-155B1 CHC Helicopter Service  
PH-NZD S-61N CHC Helicopter Service  
PH-SHL AW-139 CHC Helicopter Service  
PH-NZT Sik.S76B CHC Helicopter Service  
PH-NZG Sik. S.61N Mk.2 Schreiner  
OY-SHK EC-155B1 Dan Copter arr
OY-HSL EC-155B1 Dan Copter hangaar
G-TIGE AS-332L Bristow arr
G-ISSU EC-155B1 Bristow  
LN-OLC AS-332L Norsk helicopter  
Hangars MLD
260/60 SH-14D MARHELI small hangar
262/62 SH-14D MARHELI large hangar
268/68 SH-14D MARHELI large hangar
272/72 SH-14D MARHELI large hangar
278/78 SH-14D MARHELI small hangar
279/79 SH-14D MARHELI UN markings; ‘Turtle’
(A260) Alouette-3 GI De Kooij/ JAR camo; ex. 300 Sqn.
G-BUOR CASA 1.131E ex.E.3B-508 HungAF mks
28 49 L-39V Skyline ex.NVA/171; fuselage & wings
F-GSHG CM-170R Dutch Historic Jet Association red c/s; ex. FAF c/n 45
Only flying
N-321 Hunter T8C DHHF ex.RAF XF357; G-BWGL

Special thanks to Peter Plomp for the Wrecks & Wrelics information.

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