Exercise Report

London Gatwick

Gostar den Daas | July 2007
Photo report

Gatwick Airport London's second largest airport and the second busiest airport in the UK after Heathrow. Gatwick is especially interesting in the summer season, when holiday charters take up most of the slots, flying to Mallorca and Ibiza and the Greek islands.

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Spotting at Gatwick

When runway 26L is in use (most of the time) the best location to spot the landing aircraft is on Perimeter Road East. This is next to the South terminal. When in the terminal walk to the right end of the building and take the exit called ´Concorde house´. Beware this exist looks like a toilet but in fact is also a (employee) exit. Take the stairs down and you´re directly on Perimeter Road. Walk some 500 meters to a suitable location.

When runway 08R is in use, walk or drive to the town of Lowfield Heath, located halfway on the runway. Along the fence there are some spots with views on the threshold of runway 08. It´s also possible to walk to the end of the runway and watch the landing aircraft along Lowfield Heath Road. Mind you, this is a long walk (40 min) from the terminal.

G-MANS, BAe 146

N277AY, A330

OY-MRP, B737

G-OOBW, B767

N13110, B757

G-FCLH, B757

S5-AAC, A320

G-UKZM, B767

LZ-HVA, B737

C-GTSY, A310

N270AY, A330



G-VIIF, B777

EC-JOZ, B767

TF-LLA, B767

G-VKNG, B767

TF-AMJ, B747

EC-HPU, B767

G-CEJM, B757

C-GKTS, A330

G-JEBA, BAe 146

G-EZID, A319

G-BYAE, B757


G-OOAP, A320

G-XLAD, B737


G-XLAI, B737

SP-LMC, B737

EC-HHA, A320

5Y-VIP, A310


G-OJIB, B757

G-MOND, B757

HA-LOF, B737

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