Exercise Report

COMAO Kleine Brogel 2007

Jan Timmerman | July 2007

Like every year, the last day of the Combined Air Operations Exercise (COMAO) was combined with a spottersday. On the 17th of July, the Belgian Airbase of Kleine Brogel opened it’s doors to the public.

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Fortunately the weather was good and some real treats were flying. Hellenic Air Force A-7’s and a RAF VC-10 were photographed by the many spotters present.

93-0688, F-16

93-0695, F-16

FA-101, F-16

FB-18, F-16

XV105 / V, VC-10

3, Rafale

156774, TA-7

45+57, Tornado

RS-02, Sea King

9240, JAS39

ZJ910, Typhoon

01512, F-4

E-599, F-16

FA-101, F-16

MT-35, CM.170

FA-131, F-16

156774, TA-7

9244, JAS39

5, Rafale

9, Rafale

318 / 7-HM, Rafale

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