Exercise Report

TLP 2007-2

Frits Jongerman, Eric Pols | March 2007

Aviamagazine visited Florennes Air Base on March 14th and 28th 2007. And again nice weather and nice participants during the second TLP session this year.

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First we did the TLP ramp. This time, there were actually two ‘ramps’. The normal large ramp, visible from the outside and the Czech L-159A’s in 1 Smaldeel (Squadron) area. During the early morning groundcrew are busy with making the aircraft ready for their TLP mission that day. After a nice visits to the Czechs, we watched the TLP launch. A very impressive sight and the weather was great; only sunshine.

Only 1 F-15E (spare) and 2 Tornado F.3’s (spare) and 1 F-16A ADF (u/s) left on the ramp; the rest did their TLP mission (target in German airspace).

The TLP recovery was mostly cloudy but you can’t have it all.

MM7255, F-16

MM7255, F-16

053, F-16

655 / 33-NG , Mirage F1

6049, L-159

C.15-15 / 15-02, EF-18

MM7255, F-16

ZG757, Tornado

44+33, Tornado

45+46, Tornado

067, F-16

91-0316 / LN, F-15

91-0391 / SP, F-16

243 / 30-SN, Mirage F1

624 / 3-IH, Mirage 2000

6064, L-159

C.15-37 / 15-24, EF-18

FA-97, F-16

FA-104, F-16

FA-121, F-16

ZE204 / FC, Tornado

ZE204 / FC, Tornado

ZG757 / GF, Tornado

TLP ramp:
604/33-CF Mirage F.1CR ER 01.033
655/33-NG Mirage F.1CR ER 02.033 ‘Armee de l’air’mks in tail
245/30-SN Mirage F.1CT EC 01.030
262/30-QO Mirage F.1CT EC 02.030
624/3-IH Mirage 2000D EC 01.003
648/3-XT Mirage 2000D EC 03.003
C.15-15/15-02 EF-18A Ala 15 tiger tail
C.15-35/15-22 EF-18A Ala 15
C.15-84/46-12 F/A-18A 462 Esc/Ala 46 USNavy 162465
C.15-89/46-17 F/A-18A 462 Esc/Ala 46 USNavy 162421
91-338/SP red F-16CJ 22 FS/52 FW
91-391/SP red F-16CJ 22 FS/52 FW
81-316/LN red/wh F-15E 494 FS/48 FW
91-0318/LN red/wh F-15E 494 FS/48 FW
91-331/LN red/wh F-15E 494 FS/48 FW spare
MM7255 F-16A ADF 37 Stormo
053 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
067 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
071 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
073 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
44+33 Tornado IDS JBG-33 euro-1 c/s
45+46 Tornado IDS JBG-33 Gnavy c/s
ZE204/FC silver Tornado F.3 No. 25 Sqn
ZE982/FR silver Tornado F.3 No. 25 Sqn not flying
ZG757/- Tornado F.3 No.43 Sqn
ZG797/C Tornado F.3 1435 flt mks; with 43 Sqn; dep “RFR7443”
1 Smaldeel area / hangar:
156049/6049 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156060/6060 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156061/6061 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156064/6064 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156070/6070 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl hangar
TM.11-3/47-23 Da Falcon 20ECM 472 Esc/47 Gr
70+80 UH-1D LTG-61 euro-1
MM7254 F-16A ADF 37 Stormo 82-0913 hangar
ZE203/GA bk/wh Tornado F.3 43 Sqn arr for TLP
CH-01 C-130H 15 Wing “BAF 615” arr/dep/arr
MT-35 CM-170 1 Wing arr/dep metal c/s
MT-48 CM-170 1 Wing arr/dep Red Devils c/s

Local 2w wing: F-16BM: FB-02, 05, 12 and F-16AM: FA-97,FA-101, 108, 109, 120, 135
FA-67 F-16AM nb/2 Wg “AL 02” 2x QRA
FA-125 F-16AM nb/2 Wg “AL 01” 2x QRA
Hangaar, F-16AM: FA-90,91,92, 107

Only 2 TLP sessions to go this year and probably 5 in 2008 and that will be it. The TLP is planned to move to Spain. But, for now we still can enjoy this nice exercise at Florennes.

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