Exercise Report

TLP 2007-2

Frits Jongerman, Eric Pols | March 2007

Aviamagazine visited Florennes Air Base on March 14th and 28th 2007. And again nice weather and nice participants during the second TLP session this year.

First we did the TLP ramp. This time, there were actually two ‘ramps’. The normal large ramp, visible from the outside and the Czech L-159A’s in 1 Smaldeel (Squadron) area. During the early morning groundcrew are busy with making the aircraft ready for their TLP mission that day. After a nice visits to the Czechs, we watched the TLP launch. A very impressive sight and the weather was great; only sunshine.

Only 1 F-15E (spare) and 2 Tornado F.3’s (spare) and 1 F-16A ADF (u/s) left on the ramp; the rest did their TLP mission (target in German airspace).

The TLP recovery was mostly cloudy but you can’t have it all.

MM7255, F-16

MM7255, F-16

053, F-16

655 / 33-NG , Mirage F1

6049, L-159

C.15-15 / 15-02, EF-18

MM7255, F-16

ZG757, Tornado

44+33, Tornado

45+46, Tornado

067, F-16

91-0316 / LN, F-15

91-0391 / SP, F-16

243 / 30-SN, Mirage F1

624 / 3-IH, Mirage 2000

6064, L-159

C.15-37 / 15-24, EF-18

FA-97, F-16

FA-104, F-16

FA-121, F-16

ZE204 / FC, Tornado

ZE204 / FC, Tornado

ZG757 / GF, Tornado

TLP ramp:
604/33-CF Mirage F.1CR ER 01.033
655/33-NG Mirage F.1CR ER 02.033 ‘Armee de l’air’mks in tail
245/30-SN Mirage F.1CT EC 01.030
262/30-QO Mirage F.1CT EC 02.030
624/3-IH Mirage 2000D EC 01.003
648/3-XT Mirage 2000D EC 03.003
C.15-15/15-02 EF-18A Ala 15 tiger tail
C.15-35/15-22 EF-18A Ala 15
C.15-84/46-12 F/A-18A 462 Esc/Ala 46 USNavy 162465
C.15-89/46-17 F/A-18A 462 Esc/Ala 46 USNavy 162421
91-338/SP red F-16CJ 22 FS/52 FW
91-391/SP red F-16CJ 22 FS/52 FW
81-316/LN red/wh F-15E 494 FS/48 FW
91-0318/LN red/wh F-15E 494 FS/48 FW
91-331/LN red/wh F-15E 494 FS/48 FW spare
MM7255 F-16A ADF 37 Stormo
053 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
067 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
071 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
073 F-16C 347 Mira/111 PM
44+33 Tornado IDS JBG-33 euro-1 c/s
45+46 Tornado IDS JBG-33 Gnavy c/s
ZE204/FC silver Tornado F.3 No. 25 Sqn
ZE982/FR silver Tornado F.3 No. 25 Sqn not flying
ZG757/- Tornado F.3 No.43 Sqn
ZG797/C Tornado F.3 1435 flt mks; with 43 Sqn; dep “RFR7443”
1 Smaldeel area / hangar:
156049/6049 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156060/6060 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156061/6061 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156064/6064 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl
156070/6070 L-159A 212.tl/21 zTl hangar
TM.11-3/47-23 Da Falcon 20ECM 472 Esc/47 Gr
70+80 UH-1D LTG-61 euro-1
MM7254 F-16A ADF 37 Stormo 82-0913 hangar
ZE203/GA bk/wh Tornado F.3 43 Sqn arr for TLP
CH-01 C-130H 15 Wing “BAF 615” arr/dep/arr
MT-35 CM-170 1 Wing arr/dep metal c/s
MT-48 CM-170 1 Wing arr/dep Red Devils c/s

Local 2w wing: F-16BM: FB-02, 05, 12 and F-16AM: FA-97,FA-101, 108, 109, 120, 135
FA-67 F-16AM nb/2 Wg “AL 02” 2x QRA
FA-125 F-16AM nb/2 Wg “AL 01” 2x QRA
Hangaar, F-16AM: FA-90,91,92, 107

Only 2 TLP sessions to go this year and probably 5 in 2008 and that will be it. The TLP is planned to move to Spain. But, for now we still can enjoy this nice exercise at Florennes.

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