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World Economic Forum 2005 Zurich

Gostar den Daas | January 2005
World leaders conference

Every year the World Economic Forum (WEF) is held at the Swiss town of Davos. The forum, formed in 1971, is attended by political leaders, CEO's of the world biggest companies, selected intellectuals and journalists from all over the world. A total of 2000 persons gather for several days in Davos. The WEF has big influence on worldwide decision making and thus is a powerful advisory organization. This year's theme's included Weapons of Mass Destruction, Poverty, Islam, Climate Change and China.

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Most of the attendants, like presidents, ministers and CEO's fly in by plane on Zurich Airport. With the arrival of these guests Zurich is a spotters heaven if you're into government planes and bizjets.

Aviamagazine visited Zurich on 29 January, the for last day of the conference. This mend that some attending planes already left. The Polish air force Tu-154M (101) left the day before. Unfortunately the highlight of this year, a Bahrain 747SP Amiri flight (N9C-HMH) already left. But lot's of nice and exotic aircraft were still present.

Most of the aircraft are parked opposite the viewing terrace and on the remote stands near the maintenance hangars. Some, mostly small bizjets, are parked in the general aviation and cargo area. Noting movements in the first two area's is no problem, but photographing is only possible if aircraft taxi to the runways. Fortunately the airport authorities organizes platform tours during the WEF weekend. Reservations (15 euro a person) were made through the Buchair shop and at two o'clock we made our two hour tour!

The bus stopped at al location's mentioned before and there was plenty of time to photograph the visiting planes. The people organizing the tour, all spotters themselves, made it possible that the best photo locations could be used. Our compliments.

D-IATT, Raytheon 390

N1TK, DB-700

2101, VC-1

ZS-RSA, B737

N6453, Falcon 2000

OE-XSC, A109

N298DC, CL-600

B-2493, B767

RA-85778, Tu-154

C-GOAG, Falcon 900

TC-ANC, BAe 125

D-CHEF, Hawker 800

N75RP, G-V

C-FBDR, BD-700

N550GA, G550

N17TE, CL-600

2116, VC-96

N312P, Falcon 900

N298W, Falcon 900

N25MB, Falcon 900

N388GS, Falcon 900

N885AR, IAI-1126

N721S, G-V

UR-65718, Tu-134

N874C, G-IV

N727VJ, B727

20201, C-40

12+02, CL-601




RA-42344, Yak-42

T-313, AS332

N800AK, B727

YL-WBD, CL-600

VH-VGX, BD-700

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