Exercise Report

Frisian Flag 2005

Rene Wilthof / Hans Heemskerk | September 2005
Exercise report

Every year Leeuwarden AB in the Northern part of the Netherlands is home to the combined NATO exercise, Frisian Flag. This year with guests from the Germany, Sweden, UK (Jaguars) and Finland (F-18C).

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38+07, F-4

38+27, F-4

39155, JAS39

39158, JAS39

39177, JAS39

39180, JAS39

J-063, F-16

J-632, F-16

J-643, F-16

J-643, F-16

XZ364 / FS, Jaguar

XZ364 / FS, Jaguar

XZ369 / EU, Jaguar

HN-416, F-18

HN-438, F-18

HN-442, F-18

HN-446, F-18

HN-452, F-18

XZ377 / EP, Jaguar

XZ391 / ET, Jaguar

XZ396 / EQ, Jaguar

38+27, F-4

39186, JAS39

HN-442, F-18

J-002, F-16

J-210, F-16

J-637, F-16

41 SqnJaguar GR.3XZ364/FS
6 SqnJaguar GR.3XZ377/EP, XZ396/EQ, XZ391/ET, XZ369/EU
Jg71F-4F37+22, 38+07, 38+27, 38+75
F17JAS39A39155, 39158, 39177, 39180, 39186, 39190
HavLLv31F-18CHN-446, HN-452
HavLLv21F-18CHN-416, HN-427, HN-438
HavLLv21F-18CHN-416, HN-427, HN-438
311 SqnF-16 AMJ-005, J-008, J-135, J-624, J-632, J-647
312 SqnF-16 AMJ-013, J-061, J-207
313 SqnF-16 AMJ-058, J-144, J-628, J-867
313 SqnF-16 BMJ-067
322 SqnF-16 AMJ-009, J-063*, J-515, J-643, J-869
323 SqnF-16 AMJ-002, J-018, J-146, J-363, J-616, J-627, J-881
323 SqnF-16 BMJ-210
300 SqnSE3160A-275
303 SqnAB412SPR-01, R-03

* Polly c/s

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