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KLu Open Dagen 2005

Gostar den Daas / Rene Wilthof | June 2005
Open days

The Annual Open Dagen (open days) of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th at Gilze-Rijen AB in the south of the Netherlands. And from a spotters point of view it was a great edition. Highlights included special guests from Egypt and New Zealand.

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Part 1: Arrival and Static

This year, we covered the whole show, five days including arrival and departure of the visitors. The first surprise arrived on the 15th. A Egypt C-130H with in his belly a Gomhouria Mk.8R. This light trainer is still in service as far as we can tell. Unfortunately the C-130 departed after unloading it’s cargo and returned a few days later to pick it up again. The Gomhouria including it’s pilot was placed in the static.

Another great visitor arrived late Thursday and was parked at the end of the static, the Antonov 124 from Poletflight. Why a civil transporter at an air show you ask? Simple, show the tax payers how there money is spend. Most of the transports to and from Iraq and Afghanistan are flown with this aircraft. For this reason an RNLAF Apache was parked inside the An-124.

SU-BAD, C-130

E-152 / 314-LO, Alpha Jet

71743, F-4

ZG774 / WK, Tornado

XX289 / CO, Hawk

D-EEGB, P.149

HA-ANI, An-2

RA-82068, An-124

XX205 / 205 , Hawk

RS-02, Sea King

82+52, EC135

72+95, UH-1

285, Gomhouria

240, Beech 200

U-06, Fokker 50

XX205 / 205, Hawk

643 / 3-JD, Mirage 2000

15109, F-16

69-7484, RF-4

LX-N90451, E-3

63-8871 / D, KC-135

16, J35

RA-82068, An-124

ZD407 / 36, Harrier

A-275, Alouette III

T-235, KDC-10

RA-82068, An-124

XV246 / 46, Nimrod

-, -

RA-82068, An-124

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