Exercise Report

COMAO Kleine Brogel 2005

Gostar den Daas | July 2005
Exercise report

Like last year, the last day of the Combined Air Operations Exercise (COMAO) was combined with a spottersday. On the 20th of July, the Belgian Airbase of Kleine Brogel opened it's doors for the public.

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Many spotters were present to see an impressive line-up, including more then 35 fighters, trainers, transport aircraft and helicopters.

5724, MiG-21

6707, MiG-21

6305, MiG-21

810, An-26

707, Su-22

016, C-295

CH-02, C-130

J-5236, F/A-18

XZ117 / FB, Jaguar

E-195, F-16

FA-57, F-16

160736, A-7

154477, TA-7

154477, TA-7

160736, A-7

XH131, Canberra

XH131, Canberra

RS-04, Sea King

472 / 312-JQ, EMB-312

FA-94, F-16

J-5008, F/A-18

6053, L-159

98 / 12-YU, Mirage 2000

45+09, Tornado

44+80, Tornado

30, Super Etendard

154477, TA-7

55, Super Etendard

45+45, Tornado

CA-02, A310

9, Rafale

ET-022, F-16

FA-134, F-16

707, Su-22

Many highlights this COMAO edition like the Polish SU-22 with full tiger color scheme, four Romanian MiG-21’s and a Greek A-7 and TA-7, rarely scene in other parts of Europe.

Special was the mix of diverent kinds of aircraft like Swiss F/A-18’s, French Navy Ethendards / Mirage 2000 / Alpha Jet, Danish F-16’s, English Jaguar and Czech Hind / L-159.

A short mission was flown, so the competitors returned to base after two hours. And the end of the day the Belgium air force exercised some formation flying, for next days independence day which includes a flying parade over the center of Brussels.

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