The Online Flight
 Information Logger


Manage all your flight data online, on the web, with your tablet or phone. Editing is simple with thousands of aircraft, airlines and locations build in.


Watch dashboards and create reports with your flight data. See aircraft and airline data or plot all your flights on a map.


And the best of all, this service is completely free of use! So don’t wait, register today.

  • Online

    - easy web, tablet and phone access. Anyware, anytime.
  • Dashboard

    - one overview with all your flight data.
  • Goals

    - sent your goals for aircraft types, destinations and miles to fly.
  • Reports

    - view all your data in different layouts to PDF.
  • Maps

    - view all your flights on the world map.
  • 798 Aircraft

    - types build in. Just select the ones you flown.
  • 1054 Airlines

    - build in. Complete with there logo’s.
  • 755 Airports

    - build in. Just select them and we’ll calculate everything.
  • Exports

    - export your data to different formats including Excel.
  • Spotter proof

    - app designed by and made for aircraft spotters!



Our story

Flightlog is the online flight information logger, enabling you to easily Manage all your flight data online, on the web, with your tablet or phone. And the best, this cloud based service is free to use!

Flightlog started out as a side project of Aviamagazine back in 2008. Developed as a test environment for new techniques and for internal use only. In 2013, when we designed Flightlog for the fifth time, we decided to release it as a Aviamagazine service for public use.

We will keep developing this service, and new functionalities will be released in the future. If you have idea’s of your own for additional functions, please let us know.

Two accounts in one

Did you know, registering with Flightlog gives you two accounts in one? When you register, you also automatically register for Aviamagazine.com. If you already have a Aviamagazine account, you can use flightlog straight away, no extra registration required!

You can find out more about the Aviamagazine account benefits here.

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