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114th FS

By Frits Jongerman | November 2006
Oregon Air National Guard, Kingsley Field

(Photo visual: Jennifer Shirar, Gowen Field, 31 August 2009)

Unlike most ANG units, the 114th Oregon ANG moved from F-16 to operate the F-15 Eagle. AviaMagazine.com looks into the history and present state of the ANG F-15 Eagle fighter school located at Kingsley Field, OR.

When in 1983 the Oregon ANG was authorized to organize a replacement training unit to train pilots and WSO (Weapon Systems Officers), for the guards’ Fighter Interceptor Squadrons, the new squadron was given the numerical designation of the 114th FIS which had been inactivated as a New York ANG unit on 14 September 1958.

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76-0128 F-15B
Unit:114th Fighter Squadron
Wing:173th Fighter Wing
Location:Kingsley Field, OR


January 1983The 8123 FITS became activated on 1 January 1983, and the First F-4 pilot training class began on 1 February 1983.
February 1984 On 1 February 1984, a redesignation changed the 8123 FITS to the 114 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron (TFTS). A later change simplified the designation to 114 Fighter Squadron (FS). The unit was at that moment equipped with McDonnell F-4C Phantoms.
Fall 1988Converted from F-4C to General Dynamics F-16A/B. In mid November 1988, the last F-4 class graduated. The first F-16 aircraft arrived at Kingsley Field in August 1988. The first Air Defense Fighter modified F-16 aircraft arrived 1 March 1989, followed by the first F-16 student class on 13 July 1989. The Oregon ANG was the first ANG unit, equipped with the F-16’s in the Air Defense Variant (F-16A/B ADF).
1990 The 114 FS added a new medical training program to its curriculum in January 1990, with the F-16 flight Surgeon Training course (also known as “Top Knife”), being the first of its kind in the nation.

During the build-up of the 114 FS schoolhouse, the ANG’s Air Defense Alert mission continued as a separate detachment. However, the alert missioin paralleled the 114 FS aircraft, first with the Portland detachment flying the F-4D and with a Fargo, North Dakota, detachment later flying the F-16 (ADF).
199215 March 1992: unit designation changed to 114th Fighter Squadron, 142nd Fighter Group. 01 June 1992: as a part of the Air Force restructuring program, gaining command changed to Air Combat Command (ACC).
1996Official redesignation for the 173 Fighter Wing came on 27 June 1996. The 114 FS, retained as the flying component, falls under the Wing’s Operations Group.
1998The Squadron’s F-16 aircraft were replaced by F-15 Eagle aircraft in 1998. The 114 FS is the ANG F-15 Eagle school.



Former aircraft with 114th

In 1988/1989 the 114 TFTS has F-4C and F-16A/B’s:

F-4C:63-7412, 63-7460, 63-7482, 63-7490, 63-7529, 63-7537, 63-7581, 63-7584, 63-7622, 63-7633, 63-7662, 64-0754, 64-0838, 64-0899, 64-0905 and 64-0911.
F-16A:81-0691, 81-0786 and 81-0801.

1993, this aircraft were operational with the 114th:

F-16A ADF:80-0581, 81-0691, 81-0770, 81-0771, 81-0786, 81-0801, 81-0809, 81-0811, 82-0910*, 82-0913, 82-0942, 82-0955 and 82-1014.
F-16B ADF:80-0637, 81-0812, 82-1027, 82-1030, 82-1031, 82-1034, 82-1039, 82-1039 and 82-1046.

* now preserved on base as “173 FW”

After the F-15 replacement, some went to AMARC or other ANG units like the 162 FW Arizona ANG at Tucson IAP.

At Metford Airport, Oregon also an F-16A ADF is preserved in the 114 FS markings. This Viper never flew with the 114 FS!

Active Eagles with 114th

Tailmarkings:Diving black eagle with a white head and outstretched talons, as if about to catch its prey.
F-15B:75-0086, 76-0127, 76-0128, 76-0129, 76-0139 and 77-0165.
F-15C:78-0468,84-0486,79-0022, 79-0079, 80-0021, 80-0047, 81-0044, 81-0053, 83-0016 and 83-0043.
F-15D:78-0563 and 78-0569.
Remarks:79-0022 is the "173 FW" Commander. This airframe made an MiG Kill in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm, then deployed by 525th TFS based at Bitburg, Germany.

F-15C MiG Kill

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