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112th FS

By Frits Jongerman | Januari 2005
Ohio Air National Guard, Toledo Express Airport

(Photo visual: USAF, 2000)

Like most ANG units, the 112th Ohio ANG also operates the F-16. The history of the 112th started just after the WW I, flying numerous aircraft types, including Consolidated PT-1 F-51s, F-84s, F-100s and A-7s. AviaMagazine.com looks into the history and present state of the "Stingers" squadron located at Toledo Express Airport, Ohio.

Organized at Kelly Field, TX, on 18 August 1917 as the 112th Aero Squadron, Air Service, this supply unit was redesignated 633rd Aero Squadron on 1 February 1918 and remained at Kelly Field until demobilized on 19 August 1919. In 1936, its lineage and honours were consolidated with those of the 112th OS which has been activated as an Ohio NG unit in June 1927.

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90-0700 F-16CG
Unit:112th Fighter Squadron
Wing:180th Fighter Wing
Location:Toledo Express Airport, OH
Aircraft:F-16CG/DG block42 ('OH')


20 June 1927112th OS extended federal recognition at Hopkins Airport, Cleveland, as the aviation unit in the 37th Division, Ohio National Guard, and initially equipped with Consolidated PT-1 trainers.
1927 - 1940Remaining based in Cleveland, the 112th OS was equipped over the years with the mix of aircraft typical of pre-war Guard units, including Consolidated PT-1's and O-17's; Curtiss O-11's, Douglas BT-1's, O-2's and O-38's and North American O-47's and BC-1's.
1928-1940Remaining based in Houston, the 111th OS was equipped over the years with the mix of aircraft typical of pre-war Guard units, including Consolidated PT-1's, PT-3's and O-17's; D Dayton-Wright TW-3's; Douglas O-2's, O-38's and O-43's; and North American O-47's and BC-1's.
25 Nov 1940Called to active duty, assigned to the Fourth Corps Area, and moved seven days later to Pope Field, Fort Bragg, NC. On 31 December 1940, it had one BC-1A, one O-38E and eight O-47A/B's.
W.O. IIRemaining in CONUS, until shipped to England in May 1944, the unit moved eight times, was redesignated twice, flew ASW patrols along the Atlantic coast, was inactive between October 1942 and April 1943, and was reorganized in April 1943 as the 112th Liaison Squadron in preparation for overseas deployment. Equipped with Cessna UC-79's and following troops on the European continent, it flew courier missions in the area to the rear of the front lines between June 1944 and VE Day. Inactivated at Drew Field, FL, in November 1945, the unit was redesignated 112th BS before being allotted back to the Ohio NG on 24 May 1946.
2 Dec 1946112th BS (Light) extended federal recognition at the Cleveland MAP and soon equipped with Douglas A-26B/C (plus support aircraft).
50'sOn 10 October 1950 the unit was called to active duty as part of the Korean War call-up and moved to Lawson AFB, GA. On 9 July 1952 the 112th BS was returned to state control to be reorganized as the 112th FBS at Berea, OH, and equipped with North American F-51H Mustangs. In October 1952 the unit was relocated to Akron-Canton MAP in North Canton and resesignated 112th FIS in July 1955. Relocated to Toledo MAP (April 1956) and converted from F-51H's to North American T-28A (with limited jet training using a few Lockheed T-33A's and Republic F-84E's). January 1959 the unit was relocated again to Toledo Express Airport in Swanton and converted from T-28A's to Republic F-84F's.
60'sIn July 1960 the unit became ADC, gained upon implementation of the command concept. In 1961 the unit was called to active duty for the third time as part of the Berlin Crisis call-up. But they remained at Toledo Express Apt, and didn't fly active missions. On 20 August 1962 returned to state control, redesignated 112th TFS, and became TAC-gained. Later the group reached the TFG status with federal recognition of 180th TFG. (15 Oct 1962).
70'sIn October 1970 the fighter squadron converted from F-84F's to North American F-100D/F's Super Sabres. At the end of this decade the unit converted again, now from F-100D/F's to LTV A-7D/K's The 112 TFS also started to carrying 'OH' tail code (first A-7K's from July 1980).


Dec 1989Flew 22 combat missions during Operation 'Just Cause' in Panama.
FY 92/93Converting from A-7D/K's to General Dynamics F-16C/D (block 25). First F-16D arrived on 29 February 1992 and last A-7D and last A-7K flown away on 18 May 1992.
15 Mar 1992Unit designation changed to 112th Fighter Squadron, 180th Fighter Group.
1 Jun 1992As part of the Air Force restructuring program, gaining command changed to ACC.
1994 Converting from block 25 to block 42 F-16CG/DG's. Together with 125 FS at Tulsa and 124 FS Des Moines they had a 'Block 42'coalition (they work together, change parts and were operational together, also during 'Operation Southern Watch'). The F-16's were former 'SW'363 FW or 'OK'/125 FS aircraft. The D model is a former OK/125 FS aircraft and was named "City of Toledo".
2002 The 112th Expeditionary FS was send to the Turkish airbase Incirlik, as part of Operation Northern watch. This operation's main goal was to control the Northern no-fly some over North Iraq, created after the 2st Gulf War (Desert Storm). For this reason a special 'Arabic' inspired patch was created for the EFS.
2005-2008 Operation Iraqi Freedom. From August till September the squadron was deployed to Balad AB in Iraq. In 2007 they were deployed again. One aircraft was lost along with Lt.Col. Kevin Sonnenberg on June 16th, 2007. At the end of 2008 around 250 men from the Ohio ANG deployed to Iraq, no aircraft.
2008In August of 2008 the 112th FS took over the alert role for the region from the near by 107th FS which was converting to the A-10 in the next year.

Active Vipers with 112th

Tailmarkings:Green fin stripe outlined in white containing 'Toledo' also in white.
F-16CG:89-2082, 89-2085, 89-2098*, 89-2106, 89-2109, 89-2112*, 89-2114, 89-2128, 89-2129, 89-2132, 89-2151, 90-0700, 90-0701, 90-0702, 90-0704, 90-0706.
Remarks:These Vipers replaced older FY 83, 84 and 85 models. Some aircraft carry names like 89-2132 'City of Sylvania' or 89-2129 'Village of Delta'.
Losses:89-2079 w/o 20jan96

* 89-2098 "180 FW" CO markings and 89-2112 "112 FS" CO markings

89-2114 New c/s

89-2098 F-16CG

89-2132 F-16CG

89-2112 F-16CG

89-2114 Old c/s

89-2165 F-16DG
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