Military news
  • Defense News@defense_news- 26 okt 2020 18:12

    Pakistani Navy confirms Brazilian jetliner will replace Orion patrol aircraft

  • The Aviationist@TheAviationist- 23 okt 2020 07:27

    Watch Two F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Jets Launch From MCAS Miramar Yesterday Afternoon:

  • Royal Australian Air Force@AusAirForce- 20 okt 2020 05:21

    Even the P-8A Poseidon gets thirsty from time to time. In September we refuelled it in the air for the first time. Read more about these milestone missions in the skies over Queensland with our KC-30A Multi-role Tanker Transport:

  • Dan Parsons@SharkParsons- 19 okt 2020 15:04

    The @USMC has officially retired the Bell AH-1W “Super Cobra” after more than 30 years of -service. The AH-1T+, the Super Cobra first flew on November 16, 1983, and served as Marine's primary attack helicopter through Operation Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom.

  • Storm Bear@StormBear- 12 okt 2020 00:30

    Watch F-117 Stealth Jet "Black Devil" Get A Water Salute Arriving At the Palm Springs Air Museum

Civil news
  • Airways Magazine@airwaysmagazine- 26 okt 2020 20:29

    Alliance Airlines (QQ) first Embraer E190 has rolled out of the paint shop in Costa Rica, ready for its long journey to Australia.

  • Philip Stewart@PhilipStewartNY- 19 okt 2020 14:07

    We've got a new @JetBlue aircraft to show off! Introducing our @Airbus A220-300 and "Hops" tail design!

  • Airways Magazine@airwaysmagazine- 16 okt 2020 16:00

    The state company of Uganda, Uganda Airlines (UR), unveiled the first A330neo that will start operation by the end of this year.

  • JACDEC@JacdecNew- 14 okt 2020 21:42

    Alaska Air Fuel only aircraft, Douglas DC-4 (N96358, built 1944) took major damage when it overran the unpaved grass runway at Yakataga (PACY), AK, USA. The nosegear eventually collapsed before coming to a stop.

  • OlivierHoarau@OlivierHoarau- 13 okt 2020 19:16

    First Air Cote d'ivoire A320neo this afternoon with a touch of rain ?? First of @AirCI_Officiel

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