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Military news
  • Tony Osborne@Rotorfocus- 16 jun 2022 17:37

    An image of @Offutt_AFB's first WC-135R has emerged on L3 Harris' LinkedIn page. Three WC-135R Constant Phoenix platforms are being readied for the Air Force's airborne sniffing program.

  • Fly High Aeromedia@FHAeromedia- 16 jun 2022 17:21

    @Kon_Luchtmacht buys five @embraer C-390M as a replacement for the @LockheedMartin C-130s.

  • Matt Haskell@mhaskellphoto- 5 mei 2022 22:46

    Chasing a ghost. The "Retired" F-117 Knighthawk makes an appearance in the south as part of Exercise Sentry Savannah.

  • Julie Turcat@JulieTurcat- 29 apr 2022 14:50

    Boeing unveils first T-7A Red Hawk, which will replace the T-38 Talon. Check a video here

  • Tony@Cyberspec1- 14 dec 2021 08:34

    The New flying prototype of the S-70 UCAV now features the long awaited flat exhaust nozzle. Seen during roll-out at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant.

Civil news
  • Qantas@Qantas- 1 mei 2022 22:42

    We’re extremely excited to announce an order for our new domestic fleet as well as 12 A350-1000s, an aircraft designed to redefine the way we travel with the ability to fly non-stop from Australia to anywhere in the world.

  • 29 apr 2022 14:27

    First arrival of a @flybe Dash 8 at Schiphol since 2 years. Flybe will operate a twice a day connection between Amsterdam and London Heathrow.

  • Condor Airlines News@Condor- 14 apr 2022 09:00

    The next Condor A321, showing the new color schema. This time the "sea".

  • JetPhotos@JetPhotos- 4 apr 2022 13:36

    The first A321 to wear Condor's new livery. The airline unveiled the new design today with each aircraft to be painted in different color stripes. © Bjorn van der Velpen

  • Eurospot@cliper31- 28 mrt 2022 10:15

    Stop Eurowhite ! The Great ITA Airways Airbus A350 named "Marcello Lippi" MSN270 EI-IFB @A350_Production @ITAAirways

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