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  • New Gen Fighters@GenFighters- 9 apr 2021 07:39

    So, here it is: New KAI KF-21 Boramae Length: 16.9 m Wingspan: 11.2 m Height: 4.7 m Wing area: 46.5 m2 EW: 11,800 kg MTOW: 25,400 kg Int.fuel: 5,400 kg Engines: 2x F414-KI AESA, IRST, semi-stealth design (provisional int. WB). Congrats to Korean people!

  • Ryan Chan@ryankakiuchan- 9 apr 2021 05:33

    South Korea on Friday unveiled a prototype of the country's first indigenous fighter jet.

  • FlightGlobal@FlightGlobal- 16 mrt 2021 12:00

    Germany approved to buy five Boeing P-8A maritime patrol aircraft

  • The Shadow of the Eagle@clemente3000- 28 feb 2021 17:59

    First F-35 for the Royal Danish Air Force.

  • Royal International Air Tattoo@airtattoo- 16 feb 2021 12:12

    Please see the following statement regarding the cancellation of RIAT 2021. Read more here:

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