A variety of downloads will be available from this page, like gadgets, screensavers and wallpapers. Some are completely free, others for members only.

Windows Gadget

AviaMagazine photo’s on your desktop? Now it’s possible with our Windows Gadget. Every half hour the Gadget display’s a new photo taken from the AviaMagazine gallery, on your Sidebar. It’s even possible to personalize the gadget with your own aviation interest.

This gadget is free to download but can only be used on the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system!

JASDF 2006 Screensaver

In the spring of 2006 AviaMagazine visited the land of the rising sun, Japan. In three weeks time we visited several airbases and watched the Japanese Self Defense Forces in full effect. The best photo’s are now combined in a spectacular screensaver.

The windows screensaver contains 27 different superb pictures of the JASDF for you the enjoy.

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