Special Reports

October 2017 | Schiphol, Netherlands

With its last passenger flight just the night before, 4 Fokkers 70s we retired Sunday 29 October 2017 from KLMs Cityhopper fleet. This marks the end of an era, 97 years of shared history between KLM and Fokker. Hundreds of people showing up at Schiphol East to witness this event.

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June 2016 | Schiphol, Netherlands

As you might know, Iron Maiden’s front man, Bruce Dickinson is a spotter and pilot as well. This might have contributed in Iron Maiden choosing a Boeing 747 as airplane for their Book of Souls World Tour with, no wonder, Bruce behind the stick.

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November 2015 | Schiphol, Netherlands

As part of KLM’s fleet renewal program, its first Boeing 787-9 touched down at it’s home base Amsterdam Schiphol on November 14. Just a week later, on Sunday 22 November, we were able to fly the first ever passenger flight. 21 Dreamliners -9 and -10 will join the KLM in the coming years.

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November 2014 | Schiphol, Netherlands

After 21 year in service with KLM, the last scheduled passenger McDonnell Douglas MD-11 flight was operated on October 26, 2014, followed by three special farewell flights on November 11. These were to be the last passenger flights of the type in the world. Tickets for this event were sold within minutes, but Aviamagazine was fortunate to been on one of the flights.

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August 2014 | Eindhoven, Netherlands

After Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, B777-2H6 (9M-MRD) was shot down over civil war plagued Ukraine, the Royal Australian Air Force based one of its C-17s at Eindhoven Air Base in the Netherlands, to help with the recovery efforts. The scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down on 17 July 2014 with 298 souls on board, of which 195 were Dutch.

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March 2014 | Schiphol/Rotterdam, Netherlands

24 and 25 March 2014, the Netherlands was host to the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague. 57 countries attended with lost of world leaders visiting through Schiphol airport.

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August 2012 | Fort Worth, United States

After the RAF, the Royal Netherlands Air Force is the second non US Air Force receiving their first F-35 Lightning II. Although the Dutch haven’t decided yet to buy the new fighter, participation in the development process was agreed. Now after eleven years, the first airframe (AN-1) took to the sky.

15 July 2010 | Schiphol, Netherlands

Tens of thousands watched the first visit of the Airbus A380 to Schiphol International Airport. Although there are already 40+ A380s in service, this was the first ever visit to the Netherlands. The Airbus test airframe (F-WWDD, 2e prototype MSN004) is on a European tour for airports to test their readiness.

September 2008 | Kleine Brogel, Belgium

On September 10 2008 the first 4 of 12 former Belgian Air Force (2 and 10 Wg) F-16AM/BM’s were delivered from Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium

1 May 2007 | Aviadrome Lelystad, Netherlands

On Tuesday, May 1st, an ex Spanish Air Force CASA 352L was rolled out at Lelystad Airport, The Netherlands. The aircraft is painted in colours and markings of a Ju-52/3 mg which (crash-)landed at the beach near Den Haag during the first days of May 1940.

20 April 2007 | Volkel AB, Netherlands

Both the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Spyker Formula One team tested there strength 20th of April at the Full Throttle event on Volkel AB, where a F-16 raced the Spyker F1 race car.

Exclusively Aviamagazine.com was one of the few lucky to be invited to this special event.

16 April 2007 | Leeuwarden, Netherlands

In 2006 the Dutch Ministery of Defence decided after a study to station 14 F-16AM/BM’s at Springfield Beckley MAP, Ohio to train Dutch pilots.

On Monday April 16th, 6 F-16’s left Leeuwarden Air Base for a non stop ferry flight to Springfield.

5 April 2007 | Netherlands

On Thursday April 5th another 6 F-16AM&BM’s left the Netherlands for their new home base in Chili. They will be stationed at Cerro Moreno Air Base with Grupo No.8 The Vipers delivered this time were in standard RnethAF camo and markings (no one carried squadronmarkings). They will be repainted in Chili

September 2006 | Netherlands & Chile

AviaMagazine is proud to present the exclusive first picture of the former Dutch F-16s on Chile ground in Chile markings, during the delivery flight.

13 January 2006 | Aviodrome Lelystad, Netherlands

Can you imagine the surprise when Captain Niklas Sandström called the Dutch Aviation museum Aviodrome for directions to Lelystad Airport to deliver a Saab Viggen? On Friday the 13th of January (ya, why not) the AJSH-37 arrived at the Aviodrome. Aviamagazine was present.

31 March / 21 April 2005 | Woensdrecht AB, Netherlands

After several years, the RNLAF replaced it´s demo F-16 (J-016) with a new airframe J-055 and a complete new color scheme. AviaMagazine already was the first site worldwide to show you the first pictures off the rollout at Woensdrecht AB on March 31. Now we're proud to present exclusive pictures of the first acceptation demo held at Woensdrecht AB on April 21st.