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Aviamagazine is looking for contributors from all over the globe. So if you have photographs, a show report or want to contribute with an article, we love to hear from you. Please contact us through mail or upload photo’s as written on this page.

All uploaded photo's must apply these four simple rules.


Uploaded photo's must be made by yourself! (or copyrights owned by yourself)


Photo's must have a minimum with of 800px, with a aspect ratio of 2:3. A larger resolution would be better. Please provide photo's in a .jpg or jpeg file format.


Supply all photo information, like registration, where the photo was taken, date and so on.


We maintain a high photo quality, we like frame filling aircraft with no obstructions.

Please note, it possible that your uploaded photo will not be published, without informing you the reason why.


uploading a photo is simple, select one of the options:

add-circle Upload a single photo.

When you want to contribute with multiple photo's, for instance a showreport, contact us.

add-circle Upload multiple photo's.

And what about me?

What's in it for you?

  • A world-wide audience
  • Statistics, photo views and ratings*
  • All your photo’s in a sharable album*
  • Full credits given

* In combination with membership

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