Exercise Report

TLP 2005-3

Gostar den Daas / Frits Jongerman | May 2005
Exercise report

On Thursday 12th of May, Aviamagazine visited the last mission day of the third Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) exercise this year. Participants includes Spanish Harriers, F1's and Hornets. English Tornado Gr4's and F1's and Hawks. Turkish and Portuguese vipers also attended.

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Most of the times the last day includes a short mission, with all the participants going out for a last mission together, today was no other. They departed late (around one) and returned some two hours later. Some participants departed for there home bases shortly after.

FA104 / FS, F-16

FA112, F-16

FA108, F-16

87-0011, F-16

88-0019, F-16

ZE295 / DC, Tornado

ZE203 / DE, Tornado

MM7169 / 32-26 , AMX

VA.1B-38 / 01-926, EAV-8

ZA373 / H, Tornado

ZG713 / G, Tornado

T.21-05 / 35-43, CN-295

C.14-67 / 14-39, Mirage F1

15109, F-16

15101, F-16

87-0002, F-16

87-0002, F-16

C.15-67 / 15-33, EF-18

C.15-36 / 15-23, EF-18

XX204 / 204, Hawk

T.19B-07 / 35-25, CN-235

G-FRAW, Falcon 20

69-040, C-160

FA112, F-16


XX204/204 Hawk T.1A 19 (R)Sqn dep after mission
XX287/287 Hawk T.1A 19 (R)Sqn  
XX348/348 Hawk T.1A 19 (R)Sqn  
G-FRAW Falcon 20C FRA Aviation  
FA57 F-16AM nb (2 Wing)  
FA89 F-16AM nb (2 Wing)  
88-0019 F-16C 143 Filo/4 AJU  
87-0011 F-16C 143 Filo/4 AJU  
ZA373/H Tornado Gr.4A 2 Sqn/RAF dep after mission
ZG713/G Tornado Gr.4A 2 Sqn/RAF dep after mssion
87-0002 F-16D 143 Filo/4 AJU  
87-0009 F-16C 143 Filo/4 AJU  
C.14-56/14-31 Mirage F.1M Ala 14/SpanishAF  
C.14-67/14-39 Mirage F.1M Ala 14/SpanishAF  
MM7169/32-26 AMX 13 Gr/32 St/AMI  
FA130 F-16AM nb (2 Wing)  
FB21 F-16BM nb (2 Wing)  
15109 F-16A Esq.201  
15101 F-16A Esq.201  
VA.1B-38/01-926 EAV-8B+ Esc.009 dep after mission
VA.1B-39/01-927 EAV-8B+ Esc. 009 dep after mission
ZE295/DC Tornado F.3 11 Sqn/RAF  
ZE203/DE Tornado F.3 11 Sqn/RAF  
C.15-67/15-33 EF-18A+ Ala 15  
C.15-36/15-23 EF-18A+ Ala 15  

On the ramp:

15113 F-16A Esq.201  
VA.1B-37/01-925 EAV-8B+ Esc 009 dep

Others, visitors

641/33-NI Mirage F.1CR ER 03.033 overshoot
646/33-NW Mirage F.1CR ER 03.033 overshoot
641/3-XG Mirage 2000D EC 03.003 dep/overshoot
659/3-XR Mirage 2000D EC 03.003 dep/overshoot
A68 Alouette-2   arr/dep
M-1 Alouette-3 40 Sm arr/dep
T.21-05/35-43 CN-295M Ala 35/353 Esc arr
T.19B-07/35-25 CN-235 EA02 Ala 35 arr
69-038 C-160D 221 Filo arr
69-040 C-160D 221 Filo arr

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