Order of Battle
By Frits Jongerman | January 2004

107th FS

Michigan Air National Guard, Selfridge

(Photo visual: USAF John S. Swanson)

Most of the US ANG units nowadays operate the F-16, amongst which the Michigan ANG is no exception. AviaMagazine.com looks into the 107th fighter squadron (Red Devils) located at Selfridge ANGB, Michigan.

Organized at Kelly Field, TX, on 27 August 1917, as the 107th Aero Squadron. The unit moved to France in January 1918. On 1 February 1918 it was redesignated as 801st Aero Squadron. The unit assembled, serviced and repaired aircraft and was demobilized at Garden City, NY, on 18 March 1919. In 1936, its lineage and honors were consolidated with those of the 107th OS which had been activated as a Michigan National Guard unit in May 1926.

Unit:107th Fighter Squadron
Nickname:"Red Devils"
Wing:127th Fighter Wing (8th AF)
Location:Selfridge ANGB, MI
Aircraft:F-16C/D ('MI')


7 May 1926107 th OS extended federal recognition at Wayne County Airport, Romulus, as the aviation unit in the 32nd Division, Michigan NG, and initially equipped with Consolidated PT-1's. 1926-1940: Remaining based in Romulus, the 107th OS was equipped over the years with the mix of aircraft typical of prewar Guard units, including Consolidated PT-1's, Douglas BT-1's, O-2's and O-38's, North American O-47's and BC-1's.
15 Oct 1940Called to active duty, assigned to the Fourth Corps Area, and moved 13 days later to Camp Beauregard, LA. On 31 December 1940 it had one BC-1A, two O-38E's and nine O-47A/B's . W.O.II: Before being shipped to England in August 1942, the federalized Michigan unit moved twice, was redesignated on two occasions, and briefly flew ASW patrols along the Carolinas and Georgia coasts. Trained on Spitfire V's but re-equipped with North American P-51/F-6's before being redesignated 107th TRS, the squadron was assigned to the 67th TRG, 9th Air Force, and flew tactical reconnaissance missions in the European Theatre between December 1943 and VE-Day. Inactivated at Drew Field, FL, in November 1945, the squadron was redesignated 107th BS before being allotted back to the Michigan National Guard on 24 May 1946.
26 Sep 1946107th BS (Light) extende federal recognition at Wayne City Airport, Detroit, and soon equipped with Douglas A-26B/C's (plus support aircraft).
Spring 1950Converted from B-26B/C's to Republic F-84B's
1 July 1950Redesignated 107th FS (Jet)
1 Feb 1951Called to active duty as part of the Korean War call-up and transferred to Luke AFB, AZ to serve as a component of the 127th Pilot Training Wing (with F-84E/G's later supllementing and finally supplanting the initially assigned F-84B/C's.
1 Nov 1952Returned to state control at the Detroit-Wayne Metro Airport to be reorganized as the 107th FBS and equipped with North American F-51H's .
Nov 1953Converted from F-51H's to North American F-86E's
Jun 1955Converted from F-86E 's to Northrop F-89C's
1 July 1955Redesignated 107th FIS
Spring 1958Converted from F-89C's to Republic RF-84F Thunderflash
12 Apr 1958Redesignated 107th TRS
1 Jul 1960Became TAC gained upon implementation of gaining command concept
1 Oct 1962Reached group status with federal recognition of 127th TRG
Jan 1971Moved to Selfridge AFB and converted from RF-85F's to McDonnell RF-101A/C's
July 1971Selfridge AFB inactivated and transferred to Michigan ANG as Selfridge ANGB
Summer 1972Converted from RF-101A/C's to North American F-100D/F Super Sabre.
1 Jul 1972Redesignated 107th TFS
9 Dec 1974127th TFG inactivated and 107th TFS placed directly under 127th TFW
Summer 1978Converted from F-100D/F's to LTV A-7D Corsair II's. 'MI'tailcode applied with red/black fincap (checks)
1 April 1990Completed conversion from A-7D/K's to General Dynamics F-16A/B's; role off the F-16's was CAS (Combat Air Support)
15 Mar 1992Unit designation changed to 107th Fighter Squadron and 127th Fighter Wing (Tactical was deleted)
1 Jun 1992As part of the Air Force resteructuring program, gaining command changed to ACC.
1994converted from F-16A and B to F-16C and D. Most of the vipers are former 432 FW/MJ.

85-1504 F-16C

85-1573 F-16D
1996With the 171 AS (former 171 FIS) with C-130E's the designation changed to 127 Wg
2004Combat operations Iraq. An unknown numbers of F-16's from the 107thFS Michigan ANG has arrived at Kirkuk AB in March. They replaced the A-10's from the 354thEFS from Davis Monthan.
May 2009Converted to the A-10

79-0193 OA-10A
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